Benefits of Electric vs. Hybrid Vehicles

2022 Silver Chevy Bolt EUV parked on the beach near another Chevy EV

Electric vs Hybrid Vehicles

We are in an era of unprecedented technological evolution and change, and that means the options for your next new vehicle are broader than ever before. While internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles are far more efficient than they ever have been, that technology is approaching its ceiling, while electric propulsion has just gotten past its floor in terms of viability. Even though electric vehicles are at their beginning, they have significant advantages over gasoline cars already.

There is a long bright future ahead for electric vehicles, but that technology is still in its infancy, so hybrid vehicles still make sense for many drivers around Lawrence. Here we will discuss the benefits of both systems, to help you make an informed decision on which is best for you. If you ever need more information, like how to prepare your home to get the most out of an electric vehicle, we can be your source.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Practical mass-market electric vehicles might be only a decade or so old, but they have many significant benefits when compared to even hybrid vehicles, and larger advantages over ICE vehicles. Here are a few of the most pertinent benefits of going full electric:

  • Extreme Convenience for Daily Driving: For the daily errands and running around town, or even your corner of the state, you will never need to charge your EV outside of doing so overnight in your garage. This doesn’t just eliminate going to the filling station, but it means you spend far less money on fueling your vehicle. This is because electricity is much cheaper than gasoline, and electric powertrains normally have more than double the efficiency of even the best internal combustion engines. When charging at home, your vehicle will always be ready to go. Also, electric vehicles have far fewer design constraints than ICE vehicles, so their practicality can be improved with front trunks and more spacious interiors.
  • Reduced Lifetime Cost: As electricity is much easier to make than refined gasoline or diesel, its cost is lower by default, even before taking into consideration the efficiency of electric motors. Another benefit of electric motors is they require orders of magnitude less maintenance, and require far fewer parts. Oil changes, oil filter changes, and many other powertrain routine maintenance items are removed entirely, as are their costs. Most electric vehicles don’t even use a transmission, removing the second most costly part of a vehicle.
  • Improved Performance: Instant electric torque is quite well known now, and remains one of the most engaging features of EVs. Many mechanical steps must be performed before an engine can actually provide power to the wheels. With an EV, power is literally delivered at the speed of electrons. This means EVs are far more responsive, and they are faster in most everyday situations, even without being designed for performance.

Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles are proving to be the bridge between full ICE and full electric, having many of EV’s advantages with less of a harsh change. They leverage both the new technology and the old, combining some of the strengths of both. These are the advantages of hybrid vehicles over full EVs, at this point in time:

  • Long Range by Default: EVs may be getting longer ranges every year, but electric vehicles still require additional planning when on long road trips. Hybrid vehicles require no charging network at all, so for those without the ability to install a home charger, they are more practical. For those far from charging stations, or who drive distances more than 200 miles weekly or more, a hybrid vehicle could very well be the better choice.
  • Lower Purchase Price: Hybrid vehicles have smaller battery packs than full EVs, which dramatically reduces their costs. These lower purchase prices combine with costs over time that are also lower than standard ICE vehicles, as the engines in hybrids are generally less heavily used than in normal cars and trucks in Greenfield.

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