Our Process and Awards

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Blossom Collision Repair uses a special blueprinting process to decrease the amount of time required to repair your vehicle so you can get back on the road faster.

Within hours of dropping off your vehicle, our trained blueprinting team will disassemble your vehicle, inspect it for hidden damage, and project a completion date.

By finding hard-to-see damage early, we can procure parts and accurately estimate labor charges. We’re able to find 90% of repair delays using this process so you know up front what to expect. The other 10% of delays typically come from back-ordered parts and repairs that require subcontracting.

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The frame is the foundation of a vehicle and is crucial to its safe structural integrity. Blossom Collision uses top-of-the-line laser equipment to measure structural changes to the frame.

Manufacturers require that structural changes be incredibly accurate. General guidelines require variances of less than 3mm – about the thickness of three dimes.

We ensure the safety of your vehicle using industry-leading spot-welding equipment and certified welding technicians. Most vehicles are made from weld-on parts and have more than 4000 spot welds. Engineers determine the number, size, and spacing of spot welds to assure the structure absorbs or transfers crash energy to maximize the safety of the occupants. Blossom Collision performs welds according to exact specifications.


The certified technicians employed by Blossom know how to repair the newer vehicles constructed of special high-strength steel, aluminum, composites, and the new quiet steel technology. The use of this modern technology helps reduce weight and increase safety and fuel economy.

There’s a reason more and more people from all over Indiana trust Blossom Collision Center for their repairs. We take great pride in providing award-winning service.

Our state-of-the art center features the latest technology and equipment to handle all foreign and domestic vehicles.


  • 5 Of The Latest Technology Frame Machines & Laser Measuring Systems
  • Specialize In Plastic Welding (Bumper Covers, Moldings)
  • 5 Downdraft Paintbooth And Prep Stations
  • R12 & R134a A/C Recovery/Recharge Equipment
  • Full Line Service Center For All Makes And Models On Premises

Our expert technicians also go through rigorous training each year to ensure that they are proficient in all new techniques and equipment to handle all repairs. Every tech on staff is either ASE Certified or a Certified I-Car Professional.

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  • iCar Gold Standard Repair Shop
  • Official USAA Streamlined Appraisal & Restoration Service Repair Facility
  • Customer Research, Inc Repair Shop
  • Authorized Geico Repair Shop
  • AAA Approved-Grange Insurance VIP
  • Harleysville Insurance Repair Shop
  • Erie Insurance Direct Repair Shop
  • Esurance Direct Repair Shop
  • Allied Insurance Premier Repair Shop
  • Citizens Express Claims Program
  • Nationwide Insurance Certified
  • American Family Authorized Shop
  • Hartford Insurance Direct Repair Shop
  • Safeco Insurance Direct Repair Shop

In addition to the equipment in the shop, our office is completely automated with digital imaging capabilities, a computerized estimating system and a PC based shop management system.

We take great pride in providing our techs with the latest in technology and education to ensure the best possible work. This is what makes Blossom Collision one of the finest collision repair facilities in the area.