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Autobody Repair Near Me

Autobody Repair Near Me

We all know that life gets messy. No matter how careful you are, accidents can still happen – especially with other people on the road that might be a bit more careless – and the results of even a minor collision can be pretty unpleasant. Rather than simply searching “autobody repair near me” online and hoping you find a good result, come visit us at Blossom Chevrolet for all of your autobody and service needs. We will make sure your vehicle stays in great shape, and we can fix any body or frame issues that might arise after a collision.

From minor dents and scratches to windshield replacements and much more, we are fully equipped to help you with anything you need and get you back on the road in no time. Here at Blossom Chevrolet, our expert, certified service professionals can help you with whatever you need, offering answers and information, so you know what is going on and always remain confident in our work.

A mechanic is sanding a section of a red car that has received body work.

Our Blossom Chevrolet Service Center

We also offer a wide range of other vehicle services at our state-of-the-art facility, so whether you need repairs after a collision or it is simply time for routine maintenance and service, we are here to help. Our certified service center and experts allow us to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible, so you can enjoy it for many years to come. We can help you with any sort of routine service you might need, and we offer more extensive repairs and replacements due to wear and tear as needed. From alignments and new tires to oil changes and vehicle inspections, we are here to help you with anything you need and answer all of your questions. Come visit us at Blossom Chevrolet today and let us take care of your vehicle the way you deserve.

Common Types of Autobody Repairs

Although the type of work you need from a shop that performs autobody repair will vary depending on what has happened to your vehicle, certain types are pretty common. These are usually the result of minor fender-benders and similar collisions: those that typically occur at low speeds and between only one vehicle and an object, or two vehicles. More serious collisions can require more intense autobody repairs to be made, assuming that what's under the body is still able to run smoothly.

Some of the most common types of autobody repair include minor services like paintless dent repairs and dent repairs. Paintless dent repair is a type of work done when the body of your vehicle has been dented in a way that has not removed any paint. You tend to see this with a low-speed collision, when someone opens their door into yours, or even when it hails. Paintless dent repairs can be performed to remove the dent without the need for new paint, making the repair faster and cheaper.

However, if whatever caused the dent also removes paint, you will be looking at a standard dent repair. Standard dent repairs are also pretty common among drivers and just require a little more work than a paintless dent repair. In these situations, the dent is repaired, and then new paint is applied to match your original paint color.

Another extremely common type of bodywork is scratch repairs. Similar to dent repairs, scratches typically require some work to make them disappear. Very light scratching is easy to fix and might only require some touch-up paint. For more severe scratches, the process can require the damage to be filled in and repaired first; then it has to be repainted.

Collision Repairs are necessary when more serious damage to the body of your vehicle requires more extensive and elaborate repairs. This type of collision repair often involves replacing parts of your vehicle – such as a door panel. Such repairs can include removing parts of your vehicle for inspection to ensure there is not more substantial damage beyond the body. These repairs can be easy or extensive, depending on the severity of the damage.

Another one of the common types of autobody repairs are bumper repairs. Your vehicle has bumpers there to absorb the shock and damage from a collision as much as possible. Damage to your bumpers can be repaired in many situations, though other times, it might be necessary to replace your bumper completely.

Let's not forget the parts of your car that can shatter. That's where glass and window repairs come in. Of course, these areas can be damaged when you are in a collision, but other smaller things can also cause them to break or need repairing. For safety reasons, you need to have your windshield or windows repaired when they have been damaged or cracked in any way. If the damage is too severe, then a replacement is needed instead to ensure you remain safe on the road.

Finally, another common autobody repair is frame repairs. The most serious collisions can damage not only the body but also the frame of your vehicle. Frame damage needs to be repaired appropriately to ensure the structural integrity of your vehicle and to keep components such as your engine in place. This type of repair is one that may take the longest to have done, but it is necessary to ensure your safety and the driveability of your vehicle. Other types of repairs might be necessary depending on the nature of your situation, but these are just some of the most common examples.

A mechanic at an autobody repair shop near you is give a car a tire alignment.

Our Available Collision Services

Here at Blossom Chevrolet, we are committed to offering an autobody repair near you that addresses whatever issues you might have. We provide you with excellent service and make sure your vehicle looks good and is safe for you to drive. Some of the most common services we provide include welding. Frame damage and repairs are the most common need for welding, but there are other times when it comes in handy. At our 38,000 sq.ft. facility, we can handle welding and fabrication to keep your vehicle in great shape.

  • Brake Repairs – You might not even realize that your brakes are damaged in a collision, but it happens quite often. While performing autobody repairs, we will make sure your brakes are still in great shape in order to keep you safe.
  • Alignments – The violent jolt of a collision typically throws off your vehicle’s alignment, even if only in a subtle way. We will make sure your alignment is as it should be so that it is easy for you to drive safely.
  • Paint Touch-Up – Perhaps the most common autobody and collision services we provide are paint touch-ups. These are typically needed with dent and scratch repairs, though some collision repairs may also require a bit of fresh paint to keep you looking sharp.
  • Windshield Repairs – In some cases, minor repairs can be enough to fix scratches and cracks to your windshield or other windows. Other times, we may need to replace your windshield completely to ensure you have clear, safe visibility.
  • Paintless Dent Repairs/Dent Repairs - If you have a dent, we can fix it. Whether you need just a quick fix or a fix and pain, our team will have your car looking factory fresh in no time.
  • Pro-Paint Services/Custom Stripes - If you are looking to fix your paint job, change your car color to something new, or just want to add some pops of color with stripes, our autobody center can help. Our team uses only the best paint from PPG, and our state of the art paint booths will create a durable and clean finish on your vehicle.

We are also very experienced at working with insurance companies and routinely work with more than 22 different companies. That means we understand how to talk to them and make sure they understand why your service is necessary. We also have a shuttle service available starting every morning at 7 am, and we have an on-site Enterprise Rent-a-Car office to make sure you can still do everything you need to. However, if you are just having a quick repair done, you can take advantage of our comfortable customer lounge.

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