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Used Commercial Vehicles For Sale

Finding high quality used commercial vehicles for sale doesn’t have to be a major hassle for business owners. In fact, if your company needs to grow its fleet, used trucks and vans are often the most affordable way to do it. Before you begin the exhausting process of searching multiple sites and losing hours scrolling used vehicle apps, consider finding a qualified professional fleet/commercial sales representative. That decision may save you time and money.

Fleet sales - and even individual commercial vehicle sales - are more complicated and potentially confusing for buyers, especially if they’re new to the process. If your company needs a vehicle for commercial use, a commercial fleet sales expert can take on a lot of the work for you, including finding options in your price range and cutting through confusing specifications, like weight classifications. They also understand how to help you locate vehicles equipped with compatible upfitting packages.

More than other types of vehicles, commercial vehicles are highly specialized and very specific. If you need a delivery van, for example, you’ll want a vehicle that can navigate its geographic territory with ease. Are you located in a cold weather area? A congested city? It makes a difference because a too-big truck navigating urban streets probably won’t work as well as a pair of smaller, nimble vans. If it’s cold, you’ll need separate heat settings in the rear of your shuttle van. The variables are confusing.

Whatever your criteria, a commercial sales professional can help you narrow down your search and recommend vehicles that will work for your business and all the variables you’re juggling. They’ll also work with you to coordinate a regular maintenance schedule. A qualified commercial dealer is essentially a one-stop shop for commercial vehicle buyers.

A white 2016 Chevy Express 4500 Cutaway is shown from a low angle surrounded by orange cones.

Used vs New Commercial Vehicles

Many factors go into deciding between a new or used commercial vehicle. For starters, depreciation is a big consideration. If you buy a brand new commercial truck or van, you’re absorbing the loss of value that comes in the first year or two of ownership. By purchasing a used vehicle, you’re letting someone else take that on.

The other advantage of buying a used commercial vehicle is price. Because of the sharp - often 20% - first-year depreciation, used commercial vehicles almost always offer a better value. Also, a one or two-year-old commercial truck or van will likely contain more advanced features, such as driver-assist safety systems, so buyers can take advantage of newer technology without the added cost.

Buying a used commercial vehicle means taking on some risk because vehicle conditions may vary, depending on several factors. It’s important to check all maintenance records and understand how the previous owner used the vehicle. Check to see if it was involved in any accidents and inspect all systems to ensure they’re in good working order.

Consider buying your used commercial vehicle through an authorized dealer. Dealers know how to properly inspect a commercial vehicle - they know what to look for, including evidence of accidents or unnecessary wear-and-tear. It’s also important to know whether the previous owner added aftermarket accessories or conversion kits that may affect the warranty. These are all issues a qualified dealer can uncover on your behalf.

A popular used commercial vehicle for sale, a white 2018 Chevy Silverado 3500HD LTZ, is parked on a dirt path towing a front loader.

Buy Your Used Commercial Vehicles from Blossom Chevrolet

Blossom Chevrolet is the Indianapolis area’s most trusted commercial vehicle provider. Why? Our inventory of rugged and versatile Chevy commercial vans and trucks is extensive and ready to go to work for your business. Whether you’re looking for a delivery van or a box truck cab, Chevy’s fleet has a durable and reliable vehicle for the job.

Because of our large commercial sales volume, our team is constantly adding high quality used commercial vehicles to our inventory, giving budget-minded buyers a great option. We stock a large inventory of new and used commercial vehicles, including Heavy Duty Silverado pickup trucks, Express vans, Low Cab Forward vans, and a chassis cab that converts easily into a dump truck, flatbed, or utility truck configuration.

In addition to our extensive lineup of available commercial vehicles, our commercial sales team is trained to work with businesses looking to buy one vehicle or an entire fleet. We understand commercial truck specifications and how they affect your business. For example, certain trucks have a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) that puts them in a class that requires operators to have a Commercial Driver’s License. Knowing these details ahead of time is an integral part of the buying process.

Speaking of GVWR, our team understands how to sift through your options based on how the truck is expected to be used. We can steer you toward a vehicle with the correct towing capacity, payload capacity, or GVWR once we understand more about your needs. We can help you understand these differences and select a range of choices that will work for your specific application.

A silver 2017 Chevy City Express is shown from the side with its side and rear doors open.

Buying Used Is Easy

Buying a used commercial vehicle - or an entire fleet - doesn’t have to be a confusing, time-consuming experience. Knowing ahead of time how you plan to use the vehicle and calculating your budget range puts you in a great position to work with a qualified commercial sales expert. They’ll take that information and search for matches, leaving you with only one thing to do: choose!

Choosing a commercial truck partner like Blossom Chevrolet ensures you’ll have an expert team of sales and service professionals who stand ready to guide you through everything from purchasing your vehicle to keeping it properly maintained. We understand the difference between a typical vehicle purchase and a commercial vehicle purchase. That understanding helps us focus on your business needs and determine the best fit based on your specific criteria.

We want to support your business for the long haul, which is why we invite you to service and maintain your commercial fleet at our state-of-the-art service facility. We staff our service department with certified, factory-trained mechanics that are experts at diagnosing mechanical issues and repairing them using factory parts and the latest tools and equipment. We know that your business needs vehicles that are running well and dependably, so we’ll work with you to develop a convenient maintenance schedule that keeps your fleet in rotation and minimizes downtime.

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