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2022 Chevy Trax vs 2022 Ford EcoSport

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  • 2022 Chevy Trax

    A white 2022 Chevy Trax is angled left.

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    2022 Ford EcoSport

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    27Fuel Economy (mpg)25
    7Standard Screen Size (in)4.2
    5NHTSA Safety Rating (stars)4

    They may not be the largest models in the lineup, but don’t be fooled by their small stature; subcompact SUVs know how to wow a crowd. Two models on the market right now that are proving their value to drivers are the Chevy Trax and the Ford EcoSport. These smaller vehicles aren’t just cute to look at; they’re ready and willing to do what it takes to add excitement, safety, and comfort to your drive. When you’re in need of more space than a standard sedan can provide, but you don’t want to maneuver a large SUV around town, subcompact SUVs are there to save the day…and your travels. When it comes to the 2022 Chevy Trax vs 2022 Ford EcoSport, you’re about to learn which SUV outperforms the other in the areas of performance, interior design, and technology. You may find that although these two SUVs are similar, they both bring very different traits to your travels.

    The biggest change for the Trax this year is the addition of more power to its turbocharged engine. You’ll find that the 2022 Trax continues to be an affordable member of the Chevy family, ideal for frequent commuters and those seeking out an easy-to-drive SUV. The EcoSport also sees a few changes for 2022, including the removal of the base 1.0L engine from its lineup. It’s also the last year of production for this small SUV, which begs the question…is there a reason for its discontinuation?

  • Performance

    A white 2022 Chevy Trax is shown from the side driving through a city during a 2022 Chevy Trax vs 2022 Ford EcoSport comparison.

    Ride Quality Expectations in the Trax

    Small SUVs are popular with a multitude of drivers because they’re so easy to handle, especially navigating through traffic and parking on crowded streets. In addition to their easily maneuverable size, they provide good all-weather capability and unbelievable efficiency…another perk of choosing a subcompact option for your journey. The 2022 Chevy Trax is loaded with a 1.4L turbocharged four-cylinder, which provides it with more power than ever before. Now with 155 horsepower to propel it forward, the Trax offers an even livelier ride. Pair this with unmatched fuel efficiency, as it’s able to get up to 32 MPG on the highway, and you’ve got the perfect commuter vehicle, road tripper, and everyday commuter that’s ideal for any lifestyle.

    In addition to its enjoyable ride quality and efficiency, the Trax also showcases superb handling, and with its tall stance, you’re able to take advantage of better visibility. Its six-speed automatic transmission delivers a fluid experience, whether you’re gaining speed on the open highway or casually cruising down city streets. Opting for all-wheel drive capabilities will allow you to traverse uneven terrain and navigate bad weather more effectively, which is another reason why drivers love the Trax. All in all, the Trax offers a great ride from start to finish, and for its small size and reasonable price tag, it just can’t be beat.

    Ride Quality Expectations in the EcoSport

    Ford is making some big changes to the EcoSport the year before it leaves the industry forever. For one, the EcoSport has bid adieu to the old turbocharged three-cylinder, which was paired exclusively with its front-wheel drive models. This whole package is unavailable now, being replaced by a 2.0L four-cylinder all-wheel drive option. With this, you can expect adequate power, but where the EcoSport really falls short is with its fuel efficiency, as it really lags behind rivals like the Trax and others. Only able to get up to 29 MPG on the highway, the EcoSport leaves drivers wanting more.

    Another area it disappoints is its ride quality. Drivers report that it’s fairly rough on the road, as you’re able to feel all the bumps of the terrain. If you think it’ll even out once you get up to highway speeds, think again…it only gets worse. Handling and agility aren’t quite as good in this model, especially when you compare the EcoSport to options like the Trax. We think we’re starting to realize why this subcompact Ford model is being discontinued.

  • Interior

    The black interior of a 2022 Chevy Trax shows the back row of seating.

    Cabin Experience Expectations

    Once inside of these subcompact models, you may forget about their small size, focusing on the quality of the materials and all the space that lies before you. The 2022 Trax showcases a high driver’s seat position, which allows for excellent visibility, while its tall stance provides ample headroom for all on board to enjoy. Stitched dashboard inserts, faux-leather appointments, and other elegant upgrades can be found in its higher-level trim. The Trax offers two trim levels, which appeal to any driver, so whether you’re more interested in modern simplicity or upscale style, the Trax can cater to both.

    The 2022 Ford EcoSport tends to sacrifice beauty, offering more functionality instead. You won’t find a high level of refinement inside, with budget materials and low-grade appointments, even in the more expensive trims. It’s also been reported that it feels quite cramped, especially if you’re one of the unfortunate passengers in the rear of the vehicle. Unlike the Trax, the EcoSport’s visibility isn’t fantastic either, and with small windows, you may feel as though the cabin space is closing in on you.

    Functional Features

    Both of these SUVs do a great job of accommodating their passengers, with the 2022 Chevy Trax offering versatile seating and loads of ways to configure its interior. From flat-folding seats in the rear to 60/40 split-folding second-row seats, the Trax is able to handle more passengers and gear while offering comfort and security for all. With a maximum cargo volume of 48.4 cu.ft., the Trax is able to transport more to wherever your destination lies, and with four unique seating configurations, all on board will have a pleasant ride inside this Chevy staple. Ample passenger headroom and legroom, thanks to its tall stance, is just the icing on the cake for this small-size SUV, making it a surefire pick for many drivers near and far.

    Despite lacking some of the major style elements found in much of its competition, the 2022 Ford EcoSport does a nice job of accommodating its passengers and their gear. It showcases one of the roomier cargo areas in its class, offering up to 50 cu.ft. of space to store your belongings while you travel. Although the EcoSport offers a variety of storage options inside, they’re reported to be quite small and unable to really accommodate much. All in all, the EcoSport is saved by its spacious cargo hold, but that’s not enough to beat out the Trax when it comes to interior refinement.

  • Technology

    The black interior of a 2022 Chevy Trax shows the infotainment screen and two people in the front seat while the passenger uses their smartphone to connect to CarPlay.

    Top Tech in the Trax

    The 2022 Chevy Trax is loaded up with an abundance of tech features to allow for more connectivity and enjoyment, as well as safety. Its standard 7-inch touchscreen is prominently located on the dash, which provides access to a number of helpful tech features, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a built-in WiFi Hotspot, and more. With internet access for up to seven different devices, staying up to date during the day is easy inside the Trax, and with the arsenal of safety and driver-assist features at your service, your ride just keeps getting better. From a standard Rear Vision Camera for clear visibility behind you to plenty of available add-ons, like blind-spot monitoring and parking sensors, any drive is a breeze in the Trax. Not only are you able to take advantage of an easy-to-use infotainment system, but you’re also able to relish in the fact that you’re traveling in a vehicle that has your back on the road.

    Top Tech in the EcoSport

    We’ll start with the good news. The EcoSport does offer a nice, fully loaded infotainment experience by way of an 8-inch touchscreen. The Sync 3 infotainment system is also one of the simpler set-ups to use, making it easy for EcoSport drivers to stay tuned to their day, even from the road. The bad news is that the base trims only come standard with a small, outdated 4.2-inch display with Bluetooth capabilities. Like the Trax, the EcoSport has plenty of driver-assist and safety features available, including available rear cross-traffic alert and parking sensors.

    In the end, the absence of an adequately sized touchscreen in its base models pushes the EcoSport into second place in this comparison when it comes to technology. Being able to harness all of the latest tech in the Trax, no matter the trim level, is what really grabs our attention, further enhancing its appeal with the cost-conscious buyer.

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