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Blossom Chevrolet is your home for excellence from start to finish. We offer simple and easy auto financing at our Indianapolis car dealership, giving you more freedom than ever before to get into your dream car. We offer an extensive inventory of new Chevrolet models as well as an impressive selection of used and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. You can get into yours at our Chevy dealership in Indianapolis, IN today.

When you get a car loan or a car lease at our Chevy dealer, feel free to visit our Finance Center and ask our staff any questions you may have about the finance process. We can help you understand how factors such as your credit report, credit history and more can impact your car lease or car loan when leasing or buying a vehicle.

Additionally, we have many online tools that you can take advantage of right now to enhance your car-buying experience. For example, you can get pre-approved for financing on our website and you can get a free Equifax® credit score.

Whether you’re getting an auto loan or a car lease, you can speak with the financial advisors at our Chevy dealer to find what works best for you. Stop by Blossom Chevrolet today.


Getting a car lease at our dealership is the key to short-term flexibility. Lease terms are typically shorter than loan terms, and you’ll also find that the monthly payments for car leases are less than they are when you get a car loan since you’re paying for the depreciation of the vehicle over the length of the car lease.

While you do have to worry about mileage limits on any new Chevrolet vehicle you lease, you also get the benefit of being able to switch into a new Chevy model every time your car lease expires. You can even extend your car lease if you’ve fallen in love with it or you can buy out the remainder of your lease.

Discover all of the benefits of a car lease when you visit our Chevrolet dealership. Schedule a test drive at Blossom Chevrolet today.


Getting a car loan frees you up from having to worry about mileage limits because you essentially own the car, and that’s especially true when you’re finished making payments on the loan amount agreed upon. Your auto loan may have higher monthly payments and your auto loan may be for a longer length of time, but you have more freedom, particularly at the end of your loan term.

When your auto loan has been paid off, you can continue to drive without car payments, or you can use the vehicle as the down payment for a new Chevrolet car, truck or SUV at our Indianapolis car dealership.

Our loan experts can help you get the best interest rate possible for your loan amount, and you can see our dealer for details on how you can save even more with annual percentage rates and more. Browse all of your financing options when you visit our Chevy dealership in Indianapolis, IN. Explore Blossom Chevrolet today.


Drivers in Indianapolis, Greenfield, and Lawrence, IN can stop by our Chevy dealer to explore financing options. If you’re looking for long-term stability, our experts can get you into a new car loan. If you want short-term flexibility, a car lease may be best for you. Work with the experts at our Indianapolis car dealership to find what’s right for you.

Once you know the best financing option for you, stop by our Chevy dealer – Blossom Chevrolet – for a test drive today.

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