Make The Comparison: Used Vs Certified Pre-Owned Cars

March 31st, 2020 by

Pre-Owned Inventory

Indulge In The Benefits Of Buying Used Cars, Indianapolis Area

While Blossom Chevrolet offers new, certified pre-owned (CPO) and used cars in Indianapolis, many times customers want to know the benefits of each option. When it comes to buying used cars, Indianapolis area residents can make a case for the amount of money saved when doing so. On average, you might pay 50% less for pre-owned vehicles. These savings stem from the fact that used cars in Indianapolis are likely in good condition with some mileage and therefore are valued less than new cars.

The reality is that depreciation has already occurred; therefore, you are paying a fair value. Many times, too, insurance premiums are less for used cars in Indianapolis and you may even get a break on registration fees if your state calculates fees based on the year of the vehicle and the used car’s value.

Taking Advantage Of Used Car Warranties After The Fact

When buying used cars, Indianapolis residents may still reap the benefits of manufacturer warranties that are still in place. Our Chevy dealership will determine how much of a manufacturer warranty is still available, at no cost to the buyer, so you can enjoy these cost-saving luxuries. Our Chevy dealership also offers extended warranties to help defray the cost of future repairs and protect you financially when a malfunction occurs.

The Peace Of Mind That Comes From Buying A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle
Drivers often want to know everything about the vehicle they may purchase. Certified pre-owned cars for sale allow us to do just that. Any vehicle verified as certified pre-owned has been thoroughly refurbished, inspected and certified by either the vehicle’s manufacturer or a certifying authority.

Another advantage to buying a certified pre-owned vehicle at our Chevy dealership is that these vehicles often come with special financing and extended warranties, wrapped into the pricing. You know what you’re getting from the start and you have the certification to prove it.

The Short Answer: Both Options Result In A Winning Solution

The great news is that with buying used or CPO, you cannot go wrong at Blossom Chevrolet. Our Chevy dealership offers a large inventory of used cars in Indianapolis and every single vehicle – certified or not – has passed our seal of approval. We only stock and display used cars that are top of the line and operating with maximum efficiency.

The customers at Blossom Chevrolet know exactly what they’re getting. They are getting a premium vehicle with stunning options, upgrades and protection plans that minimize any future inconveniences.

Blossom Chevrolet is committed to excellence and whether you choose a used car or certified pre-owned vehicle, you’ll experience excellence firsthand. If you’re looking for used cars for sale in Indianapolis, make sure to stop at Blossom Chevrolet, where you will be given premier customer service and a great selection to choose from.

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