Chevy Cruze Tech Features – Indianapolis, IN

A silver Chevy Cruze sedan and an red Chevy Cruze hatchback, both loaded with tech features, are parked in front of an office building in Indianapolis, IN.

Chevrolet MyLink Infotainment System

The Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system is standard on the Chevrolet Cruze. Most of the impressive tech lineup in the Chevy Cruze runs through this powerful and ergonomic system. The entertainment and vehicle information display on the standard 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen. The MyLink system incorporates Bluetooth® functionality to make connecting any compatible phone a breeze. While many competing infotainment systems have been criticized for being confusing, the MyLink system has been widely praised for its ease of use.

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Available WiFi Hotspot

One of the most impressive features available on the Chevy Cruze is the available WiFi hotspot. This feature allows occupants to connect to the Internet from anywhere with a 4G mobile network, which covers the vast majority of the country. The 4G connection is blazing fast and very reliable, even if you’re not in a high-traffic area. As with many other tech features in the Chevy Cruze, the available WiFi hotspot is controlled by the standard Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system.

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Standard Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto™ Connectivity

Possibly the most desirable tech features for drivers in Indianapolis and throughout the country are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Many competitors of the Chevy Cruze offer one of these features as an optional extra. A few competitors offer both as optional extras. An even smaller number offer either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto as standard features. Believe it or not, the Chevy Cruze includes both of these connectivity programs as standard features. As you might have surmised, these features both run through the MyLink system.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are similar in that they allow occupants to quickly and easily link compatible smartphones. Once a mobile device has been linked, compatible applications are available for use by the driver or other occupants.

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Available SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio

SiriusXM is another highly requested feature. Chevrolet listens to their drivers, and this shows in their decision to offer SiriusXM on the Chevy Cruze. Many competitors do not offer this feature.

SiriusXM differs from terrestrial radio in that the signal can be picked up nearly anywhere on earth. You can listen to your favorite stations 24/7, no matter where you are. The variety of content ranges from music, comedy, sports, talk and more.

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